shells, 2018

unfired clay, oil pastel, iridescent pigment, and surf wax in a bisque-fired vessel


What is it like to reside in the palm of your own hand? To feel grasped by your own flesh and bone? To take up the space where your fingers gently curl over?

I began to be curious about the idea of being pocketed in a refuge of your own making, one that doesn’t require any materials, just your own body. I pressed the clay into my hand, making a mold of the negative space. A tangible form of the space in my hand.

The forms are left to air dry and then are coated with an iridescent pigment. Then, they are coated with layers of pastel. Each layer is rubbed into the clay, until the colors begin to blend into one another. The little shell-like forms are then coated with a layer of surf wax, both for its texture and as protection against moisture. When held, the sculptures have both a sticky an chalky texture.



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